John & Syd
John & Syd
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John & Syd

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‘John & Syd’ is a not-so-big refined knitted scarf in 100% extra fine merino wool.

100% made in Belgium

• Material
100% merino wool
A •wolvis scarf boast an exceptional feature: its unmatched softness and soothing touch. As you elegantly drape it around your neck, you'll instantly experience its feathery texture gently caressing your skin, enveloping you in a cocoon of warmth and comfort, effectively shielding you from the biting chill of winter. It's akin to carrying a warm, comforting hug with you wherever you go.

• Colours
Deep orchid and mauve red with tangerine details

• Dimensions
170 x 25 cm
Not-so-big scarves can effortlessly introduce a touch of elegance to your ensemble without dominating it. These lightweight and compact accessories are especially favored by those who appreciate their practicality, as they are ideal for transitional seasons, indoor wear, or layering beneath jackets and coats. Despite their smaller size, they offer just the right amount of warmth without burdening your outfit with excess bulk.

This scarf is carefully crafted to capture the essence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic stained glass windows. It features a mesmerizing interplay of geometric shapes and rich, vivid colors, reminiscent of the stained glass masterpieces found in Wright’s architectural wonders, such as the Robie House or the Martin House.

This •wolvis scarf is more than just a winter accessory: it’s a testament to style, comfort and consciousness. When you wrap yourself in this luxurious scarf, you not only stay warm and chic, but also support a brand that values sustainability and ethical practices. Learn more about our values in our impact guide.

• Matching with 
Beanies: Tangerine / Mauve red

• Care instructions
Hand wash or machine wash at maximum 30°C. Please use a wool detergent without fabric softener. Do not tumble dry and dry flat.

• Shipping
We ship every Tuesday and Thursday.